We all live on plant Earth, an as a good corporate organization, Petronomics® Mfg. Group, Inc. (PMGI) realizes its responsibilities to the environment, to the communities in which it does business.
PMGI has always had a commitment to the environment, and pollution prevention.
We are proud to have:

· No Chlorinated solvents in any of our products.
· Over 50 products that are USDA Food Grade Approved.
· Over 10 products that are Kosher Approved.
· Aerosol products with no ozone depleting chemicals.
· Several low-toxicity, and low environmental impact products.
· Several biodegradable products.

PMGI biodegradable, low-toxicity, and synthetic products help in environmental impact because they last longer. This helps to conserve natural resources. Longer drain intervals, means less waste oil, and requires less disposal. They also help reduce amp requirements. They are easier to disposal.
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